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A computer, an Internet connection and a comfortable seat is all the modern automotive consumer needs to buy a car 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The online car shopper is more confident because they feel in control of the buying process ó and can buy your vehicle, or just as easily remove your dealership from consideration ó with one click of a mouse.

Dealerships that effectively sell cars online do so because they still control the two most significant components of a consumerís buying process: the ability to direct the customer to their dealership, and the ability to finish the sale.

Short of your sales staff or deals from automotive manufacturers, no technology will ever be invented to finish a sale for you. But you can drive a more focused audience or customers to your dealership Web site with CARS.US.

Why more people look for Cars online.

Internet shoppers commonly believe there are better deals available online than at the dealerís lot. Why? Because the Internet shopper can access pages of information about Blue Book values, financing and invoice prices that were hard to find three years ago. And the best part of the shopping experience? They donít have to deal with what they perceive as a pesky, threatening sales staff.

Today a consumer can walk right into the dealership of their choice armed with the information they need about the car they plan to buy.

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